Our Kingdom

Our own kingdoms


Just a quick hello…

My first blog post!  It has only taken me 6 months…despite wanting to start pretty much weeks after my baby boy was born. I had this overwhelming urge to write how I was feeling at the time as a new mother and desperately wanted to be connected with others like me but couldn’t quite find the time or energy to do it or, to be honest, know how on earth to start

I thought I’d start by sharing my adventures and stories as I embrace my new role as a mother as I navigate this journey into motherhood.  Whether it be a walk, a talk, a mum & baby class, a day out or a day at home or just an observation, I hope it helps other mums to know they are enough and are doing a brilliant job however hard it may feel at times.  I’m no expert and  most certainly learning as I go but if like me, you are a mum becoming Queen of her own Kingdom please get in touch and let’s share the journey together. They say “it takes a village” and I am hoping this blog helps shape yours.

This is our Kingdom.




Author: Aimee Strongman

A happy first time Mama having adventures and sharing them on @onemamaskingdom

2 thoughts on “Our Kingdom”

  1. Welcome to Blandford!!
    I live very close to the library and didn’t know about Dippy!
    We will try to go there if the snow lets us.
    And it is quite likely that I’ll meet you at Bush Babies!

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    1. Thank you Elsa! I have been to Bush Babies every week since moving here so I am sure I’ll meet you soon. Thank you for your kind words. Everyone has been so great and welcoming. I’m sorry to say I think Dippy’s skull is on the move and can now be found in Swanage Library 10-15 March but a trip to Dorchester is well worth it to see the whole skeleton! We made the journey last weekend and so I will be writing about that trip as well – it was very impressive. Stay warm and I look forward to meeting you at Bush Babies. xx


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