Dippy the Dinosaur

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Yesterday Freddie and I went see Dippy the Diplodcus. I still can’t quite believe that probably the most famous dinosaur in the UK and star attraction at The Natural History Museum is here in my new home town of Blandford!

The Natural History Museum’s famous Diplodocus skeleton cast, known as Dippy is on tour and  a 3D printed replica of Dippy’s skull is currently residing in Blandford’s library. so Freddie and I stopped by yesterday to take a look…

We followed the dinosaur footprints on the floor of the library which led to a battered suitcase on top of a table where a 3D printed replica of Dippy’s skull. It was amazing to imagine the size of these incredible creatures that once roamed the earth and for such artifacts to be accessible and not just behind glass. As we already know, the Jurassic Coast is one the UK’s best sites for understanding the world at the time of the dinosaurs and  so what better opportunity to introduce the subject of Paleontology to the young minds of Dorset. Obviously Freddie was a bit young at only 6 months old but as a teacher I know that many of the children I have taught would LOVE to know more about the dinosaurs and to have something they can see with their own eyes is cementing their knowledge and understanding like no book can.

Here are some cool facts you can share with your little adventurers:


Species Name: Diplodocus carnegii
Meaning: Double-beamed lizard
Diet: Plants
Length: 21.3m (They are thought to be the longest known dinosaur)
Width: 4.3m
Height: 4.25m

Number of bones: 292

  • Dippy was first unveiled at London’s Natural History Museum in 1905
  • Diplodocus lived for 70-80 years much like today’s modern elephant
  • They are a sauropods and here on the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site in Dorset you can find footprints made by other sauropds, like Dippy, near Worth Matravers in Purbeck.

So if you are looking for a little something to do this week then why not pop to Blandford and meet Dippy! Or venture to Dorchester and see the whole skeleton cast! Dippy will be on display at the Dorset County Museum until May 2018 and they are even opening up the museum at night to see him lit up in the Victorian Hall. Book your tickets early to avoid disappointment! For more info visit jurrassiccoast.org/dippy


Author: Aimee Strongman

A happy first time Mama having adventures and sharing them on @onemamaskingdom

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