I’m Aimee, my husband is Tom and we have a beautiful baby boy (if I do say so myself!) called Freddie who is half a year old. We actually named him Alfred after ‘Alfred the Great’ due to his ‘great arrival’ on the living room floor (this was not the plan)… full birth story to follow on the blog soon!

Tom and I are both teachers.

Last year we were both living and working in the wonderful town of Tunbridge Wells and loving every bit of it, when, out of the blue, a chance job application turned into an interview, which turned into a job! So, 4 months after Freddie was born we upped sticks and moved from Kent to Dorset over the Christmas period with our little babe in tow.

…and here we are. Living in a lovely village, in the heart of Dorset, breathing fresh clean air and revelling in the countryside views and smells!


I am a thirty-something woman, wife, mama and teacher. I am a lover of nature, crafts, and ceramics. I find galleries and libraries places of tranquillity. I practice yoga, I’m passionate about mindfulness and believe that creativity and wellness go hand in hand. I have just started to teach myself modern calligraphy and bullet journaling is my new thing. I love to drink tea and eat chocolate (together!) I can’t pass a charity shop and not go in. I’m a ‘Rom Com’ enthusiast (the cheesier the better – I’m a true romantic and have been known to cry at many an advert.) My favourite shop is Liberty’s London for the sheer beauty of it’s contents and the building itself.  I love to wear leggings, paint my nails twice weekly (too much time on my hands!)  and munch on a great roast dinner. I LOVE ice cream, whatever the weather but I’m a sun worshipper at heart. I have many dreams, one of them to write a blog and I feel most like me when I’m by the sea.

There is heaps more about me but I hope it gives you a sense of the type of person I am. I wear my heart on my sleeve and more often than not wear a smile on my face. I always try to see the positive in people and respect the fact that everyone has their own trouble to face and bare.

I’d love for you to come along with me for the journey, figuring out how to be a mama here in my Kingdom of motherhood  bringing up a little one in this world and finding things to do together out and about, at home and embracing this adventure of motherhood in my own way.

I’ve not written a blog before, so I hope you enjoy reading it …I hope I’m going to enjoy writing it!


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